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Have you ever wondered why you need someone to edit your flyer, blog post, or book? Well, is it your goal to publish content that you will be proud to release for the world to see? Then, you need an editor. 

In this digital age, it is very easy to publish your own content on the Internet for anyone in the world to enjoy or to criticize. As we all know, people are very quick to share your book, blog post, or business flyer to promote you or to roast you. 

Emerald Garnett Editing is passionate about helping authors, artists, entrepreneurs, and businesses produce and publish only the best content that will lead others to promote and hype up you and your work for all the right reasons. We provide proofreading, copy editing, and book editing services that will help you establish and maintain your online credibility. 

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Meet Marcia

Marcia Garnett, owner of Emerald Garnett Editing, has over 10 years of writing and editing experience. As an editor, Marcia strives to help artists, authors, business professionals, and business owners produce high-quality content.

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